This is the namespace of the only formally grounded MPEG-7 ontology, which exposes the full terminology of the MPEG-7 standard (ISO/IEC 15938, Multimedia Content Description Interface), defining multimedia descriptors, such as visual and audio descriptors, in OWL, as opposed to the XML Schema (XSD) used by the creators of the standard. By using Semantic Web standards, such as RDFS and OWL, instead of XSD, for modeling the MPEG-7 vocabulary (concepts, properties, and relations), intelligent multimedia applications can leverage low-level multimedia semantics and take the automated access, reuse, and redistribution of multimedia metadata to the next level.

These structured descriptors are suitable for, among others, the representation of images, audio waveforms, and video signals in a machine-interpretable form. For example, the Dominant Color Descriptor can be used for similarity-based and the Color Layout Descriptor for sketch-based image retrieval. The Color Temperture Descriptor can be used, among others, to retreive images with at least say 75% of dominant colors with warm color temperature, or images with regions of different color temperature categories. The Edge Histogram Descriptor represents local edge distribution in images.