The MPEG-7 Standard

MPEG-7, also known as the Multimedia Content Description Interface, is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15938). In contrast to other MPEG standards, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MPEG-H, it does not define containers, compression algorithms, or conformance testing methods for audio and video contents; instead, it provides metadata for and describes low-level features of multimedia components and resources, such as images, audio and video contents, and 3D scenes, and their spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal segments, and supports timecode-based annotation. The MPEG-7 standard has the following parts:

Part Standard Title
Part 1 ISO/IEC 15938-1 Systems
Part 2 ISO/IEC 15938-2 Description definition language
Part 3 ISO/IEC 15938-3 Visual
Part 4 ISO/IEC 15938-4 Audio
Part 5 ISO/IEC 15938-5 Multimedia description schemes
Part 6 ISO/IEC 15938-6 Reference software
Part 7 ISO/IEC 15938-7 Conformance testing
Part 8 ISO/IEC TR 15938-8 Extraction and use of MPEG-7 descriptions
Part 9 ISO/IEC 15938-9 Profiles and levels
Part 10 ISO/IEC 15938-10 Schema definition
Part 11 ISO/IEC TR 15938-11 MPEG-7 profile schemas
Part 12 ISO/IEC 15938-12 Query format