MPEG-7 XSD to OWL Mappings

The MPEG-7 standard defines its terms in a semistructured XML Schema-based (XSD) vocabulary, which is machine-processable, but not machine-interpretable. This limitation can be addressed by using semantic web standards, such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF), RDF Schema (RDFS), and the Web Ontology Language (OWL), so that the structured representation of the corresponding concepts becomes machine-interpretable by linking them to their formal definitions and other, related concepts from the Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud. For this reason, several attempts have been made to map the XML Schemas of MPEG-7 to RDFS and OWL.

Mapping Language
Hunter’s MPEG-7 ontology OWL Full, DAML+OIL
Tsinaraki’s MPEG-7 ontology OWL
Rhizomik OWL